Our Story

Minnesota Brownfields is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our mission is to promote, through education, research, and partnerships, the efficient cleanup and reuse of contaminated land as a means of generating economic growth, strengthening communities and enabling sustainable land use and development.

Minnesota Brownfields was established in 2006 to promote the voluntary investigation, cleanup and redevelopment of brownfield sites throughout the state by:

Facilitating interaction between interested parties, including property owners, government, community organizations, developers, attorneys, consultants and policy makers.
Providing a venue/platform for the identification of brownfield redevelopment barriers and solutions.
Removing obstacles to redevelopment of problematic brownfield properties in Minnesota by, for example, acting as a conduit for obtaining local, state, and federal sources of funding, taking title to property, or otherwise facilitating the investigation, cleanup, and redevelopment process as appropriate.

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